What Is A RDN?

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is a specially trained professional with extensive education and training in the science of nutrition. RDN’s provide nutrition therapy to help prevent nutritional deficiencies, reduce risk for disease, manage existing illnesses, and obtain optimal health and well-being. RDN’s can help individuals identify and achieve nutrition goals through personalized nutrition plans, nutrition education and ongoing support.

The designation of “Registered Dietitian Nutritionist” is tightly regulated and is often confused with “Nutritionist,” a term without formal guidelines. To become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and obtain the designation “RDN,” the practitioner must complete a formal education and training program outlined below:

  • Complete an accredited 4-year educational program and receive a Bachelor’s degree in dietetics (including coursework in medical nutrition therapy, food service management, microbiology, physiology, chemistry, anatomy, sociology, psychology, business and communications)
  • Complete 1200 hours of supervised, hands-on practice
  • Pass a national, comprehensive examination
  • Maintain continuing professional education requirements to maintain registration

It is important for individuals to choose a nutrition professional wisely. The field of nutrition is vast and many RDN’s specialize in areas to provide better-quality patient care. One should consider seeking a nutrition professional specializing in their unique dietary needs. For example, an individual with Type-1 Diabetes would receive more tailored nutrition care from a dietitian specializing in nutrition therapy for diabetes than a RDN specializing in sports nutrition.

At Natural Balance Nutrition, RDN’s specialize in nutrition therapy for eating disorders, intuitive eating, and holistic nutrition to provide optimal, tailored nutrition care for these unique nutrition needs. See the About Us page to learn more about our dietitians’ specialties.