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Lisa Booth - Friday, January 01, 2016

It starts. Even before we begin considering the shopping, the events, the decorations, the traveling, the family…it starts. That nasty little voice whispering to us, “resolution.” Could it be that time already?! But it feels like it was just last January?!! It starts.

Sound Familiar? Welcome to the New Year’s resolution club. Seemingly everyone is a part of it so you have to be, right? The pressure is all around you. The magazine articles, television advertisements, grocery stores, gyms, friends…the voice just doesn’t let up. Everyone asks, “what is your New Year’s resolution this year?” If you don’t have one, you feel a panic take over. That evil little voice yells, “RESOLUTION.” You scramble to answer. Ugh, what does it have to be this year?!

What does all that pre-diet and resolution stress lead to? You probably guessed it…complete and utter backfire. This can be identified by an intuitive eating principle, the “Last Supper.” Have you ever polished off a carton of ice cream or bag of potato chips before starting a new diet? “Last Supper Eating” is the concept that the food or drink will be the last one, forever, so you give yourself full permission to indulge, even when you don’t really want it. You activate the self-damaging cycle of deprivation, indulgence, guilt; deprivation, indulgence, guilt…the cycle just never ends when living in “diet mode.” As Registered Dietitians and authors Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resche state best in Intuitive Eating: “Every diet is preceded by consuming foods you presume you won’t eat again… The Last Supper seems to be the final step before ‘dietary cleansing’ almost a farewell-to-food-party” (1).

In terms of resolutions, this means eating ALL of the holiday pie…at every party, every restaurant, every second you are home…every opportunity you can. But it feels like you have to because you will never have it again; EVER! In reality though, diets and resolutions fail and you will have this food or drink again with similar feelings of it being the last time. The miserable cycle continues resulting in increased guilt, body distrust, harmful weight cycling and an unhealthy relationship with food and body weight.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions. Out of those, 38% are weight related (2). To put the icing on the last morsel of holiday pie, 95% of diets fail and most dieters will regain the lost weight in 1-5 years (3).

What if you made the resolution to stop dieting, stop making resolutions, and start finding your body’s natural balance? Wait whaaaat? But, “RESOLUTION”, but “DIET”, but “PIE!”

Natural Balance Nutrition provides a non-diet, intuitive eating approach, designed to empower you to break free from dieting and body weight struggles for life! We help individuals learn how to work with their unique bodies, not against them. Our Registered Dietitians and fitness professionals provide truly personalized plans that are sustainable, enjoyable, and centered on whole food nutrition. We help clients make reasonable, attainable changes that support natural weight regulation. Life is stressful enough, maintaining your health doesn’t have to be!

Our client success comes from learning how to listen to and interpret natural body cues to guide the eating process, a skill known as intuitive eating. With constant external eating influences, dieting and “Last Supper” eating, nutritional misinformation, chaotic eating habits, and reliance on highly processed foods that confuse natural body signals, it is no surprise that we’ve lost the ability to regulate eating and body weight. Imagine how freeing it would be to become your own eating expert by trusting your body’s ability to regulate food and eating choices instead of being constantly subject to the latest diet fad, changing nutrition trend, or RESOLUTION!

Finding your body’s natural wisdom using a non-diet, intuitive approach will lead to long-term success in reaching your personal healthy weight and nutrition goals. If you are ready to stop the dieting and resolution cycle for good our Registered Dietitians are here to show you how!

Services we provide include:

Detailed nutritional and lifestyle assessment
Personalized nutrition and exercise recommendations
Meal planning and gentle nutrition guidance (no "diet" here!)
Intuitive eating education and support
Mindful and intuitive eating "tools" and practice exercises
Recipe ideas, cooking tips and dining out strategies
...and so much more!

Visit our website to learn more about us and how to get started!


Shelly Starrett, MS, MSHN, RDN Lisa Booth, MSHN, RDN, GFI Leslie Beggs, RDN, CPT, GFI

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