March Mindfulness

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I’ll never forget the time I was sitting in my college nutrition class, spacing out about what I’d be doing after class, how much I didn’t want to be there, and why the lighting is always so terrible in classrooms. How am I supposed to learn in this light?! I looked up and saw the professor had pulled out orange slices. This immediately caught my attention. “Yes! Free food!” As a college student, any free food was like winning NCAA March Madness. But of course there was a catch...    Read More . . .

Love Life

Monday, February 01, 2016

February is the month of LOVE. What does a month of LOVE truly mean? For many of us, we think of the classic holiday Valentine’s Day, a month devoted to red and pink cards, bouquets of roses, and shiny, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that somehow symbolize LOVE. When it comes to the month of LOVE, I think it is safe to say that Valentine’s Day is way over-rated. We at Natural Balance Nutrition believe that LOVE starts with loving yourself, your strengths and your “flaws,” and celebrating what makes you uniquely you! Even if loving yourself feels too challenging right now, you can still treat yourself with love by doing things that take care of you…including reaching out for help if struggling with a painful relationship with food. This week (February 21-27) marks the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. So instead of focusing on who is "loving you" through gifts and unrealistic expectations, what if you focused that energy on loving yourself and showing support for those you love?    Read More . . .

The Resolution Club

Friday, January 01, 2016

It starts. Even before we begin considering the shopping, the events, the decorations, the traveling, the family…it starts. That nasty little voice whispering to us, “resolution.” Could it be that time already?! But it feels like it was just last January?!! It starts.   Read More . . .